Biocompatible Coatings

A further emphasis in the TZO is the biocompatible plasma coating. In this technology multi-functional layer systems on the basis of TiN and amorphous carbon are used.

jaw implant Examples:

New: Radioactive implants

In the therapy of arteriosclerotical problems or tumors radioactive implants are used frequently.
They are used both in the short and in the long-term therapy.

NTTF GmbH, one of the start-up companies settled in the TZO, develops biocompatible layer systems for medical implants, with which the radioactive isotopes are applied near the surface. By a nano to micrometer-thick protective layer (diffusion barrier) they are separated from the direct contact with human tissue.
This yields a stent with both a ß-radiating and a biocompatible surface.