Hard material and wear-protection layers

There is a substantial economic significance in the possibility of controlled production of surface properties.

In our days, the modern thin film technology is able to combine extreme surface properties of thin coatings with nearly each material.
High tenacity and at the same time high hardness can be combined by using the new generation of hard surface coatings.

We coat: ceramical coated alu-turbine

All these surfaces can be covered with ceramic or metallic films.

The excellent properties of the different coating systems, like extreme hardness, low friction, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, food compatibility, acid resistance etc. can be combined and optimized regarding your special application.

Hard coating

Thin hard coatings are more than twice as hard like high speed steel. The usage of these materials leads compared with conventionally used materials to a clearly smaller wear and thus to substantially longer lifetimes.

For tribological problems the friction value is very important

A favorable combination of hardness and friction behavior leads to a
clearly improved protection of a surface from wear